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The reason you do what you do

Absolutely everyone has a reason they do what they do. Even if you can't verbalise it, place your finger on it or admit it - there's something intrinsic that makes your every action important and part of a bigger whole. ...

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Key tips for starting out

I believe in sharing and giving away knowledge.   It helps everyone become better, and if everyone is better then we have the chance to become great! Small business, entrepreneur - everyone starts somewhere - so if we can give each other a leg up, I think we should. So these are interesting, inspiring, motivating ...

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Become rich today

This morning I was reminded of what it truly means to be rich. And how so many of us, regardless of our bank balance, can be wealthier and live richly, immediately. Small business, entrepreneur or individual: If you have twenty two minutes, I recommend dropping what your doing right now and watching this. If you don't ...

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Staying True in Business

Staying true is the key to survival in today's precarious small business market. Your truth – who you are and what you stand for - informs every choice you make as a small business or entrepreneur. It influences your communication, your marketing and digital strategies; it will inform the service you provide and even ...

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Lucky and Blessed

For a small village of just 3000, my Peninsula town has enough heart for the whole country. It's like the country, people live on farms, are a bit rough around the edge and generally keep to themselves bar a nod of the head outside the local post office. But on days like today they rally together because it's important. The ...

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Welcome to a Brave New World

As a new business, start up entrepreneur or an existing business looking to rejuvenate itself, there are many minefields you will need to navigate that haven't existed before...Business in the twenty first century is about brands and ideals. Simply producing a product that does what it says, putting up some capital to get ...