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How do we get this process moving?

Firstly, you need to have an idea of what you want.

You are essentially writing a story online about you or your business for your audience to read: one that needs a structure, words, paragraphs and chapters, plus pictures and an attractive front cover. This isn’t to say that you need to have all the answers, that’s something I can help with in the consultation. But you need to have done some work on your business and brand, and this information will inform your Creative Brief.

Ask yourself questions like: What do you want to say to your audience? How do you want to come across?

Another good place to start is looking at your competitors – what’s out there already? What websites do I like? Which ones don’t I like? (This information is equally as helpful when pulling together a website).

What’s the most important thing I want to say to my customers? What is the information that they want to hear most frequently?

Realise you will have to do some work yourself.

You will need to have your business registered, be able to communicate what you would like (my Creative Brief is a great place to start as it will prompt you about some of the questions you’ll need to answer), supply imagery (high resolution photos and your logo), as well as some basic copy (the words that will appear on your web page) to get the ball rolling. I provide a template that will walk you through this step by step, making it easier but I cannot do it for you.

I work on projects that capture who you are and what you do, so if you want something out of the box or one-size-fits-all, I am not your person.

I have contacts I can refer you to for design work or photography if you need good and trusted people, and I have a preferred web domain and hosting provider, Panthur, who are based in Melbourne that I like to work with, but these are my minimum requirements to get a project off the ground with Brave New World Agency.

In my experience I find that without asking for these, a project flounders instead of lifting off in a great direction and that means wasted time and wasted dollars. You don’t need to have everything to hand at the start of the project, and you don’t need a rigid idea, but you do need to be willing to do the work to get it there. I’m in the business of helping you succeed and I need to be able to represent what you do to the best of my ability: you know your business better than anyone else.

Lastly, know that this will take some time to achieve.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. A good website is one where your customer gets the information that they want easily. A bonus is that they get to be dazzled by a beautifully laid out website at the same time, but never at the cost of finding information they want. Often this is a process that surprises clients in its length because the truth is getting yours and your business’ story down to its simplest and easiest form requires teamwork between a web designer and client to achieve something that works well and strongly.

Projects can be pushed through quickly, but often things will be need to be refined and redesigned until you feel they represent you best.  Depending on how prepared you are with the two above points, a project can take anywhere from two weeks (everything supplied to me promptly and already refined) to two or three months, or longer, if you need time to be walked through the process of building the story of your business. I’ll always be honest about delivery times and what is realistic to achieve and will walk you through it all in our first meeting.

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