Become rich today

This morning I was reminded of

what it truly means to be rich.

And how so many of us, regardless of our bank balance, can be wealthier and live richly, immediately. Small business, entrepreneur or individual: If you have twenty two minutes, I recommend dropping what your doing right now and watching this. If you don’t have twenty two minutes, well you should definitely drop everything and watch this video because – I believe – nothing could be more important than making room in your life to be inspired. You, and the people you hold dearest, will be instantly better for it.

This morning I met, for the first and last time, Zach. Zach was an incredible 17 year old who was told he has months to live. But instead of feeling sorry for himself or resigning to a death sentence, he and the people around him, set about living each day in the essence of what he felt life was about: love and laughter and sharing it with those closest to you. He made music and a documentary to inspire others to do the same.

His mum speaks of one of the blessings [yes, you read that right] of cancer: “life is richer…everything means more, beauty is more beautiful…”. This, I know to be true.

I myself have felt that blessing, I’ll admit not necessarily in the defining moment as it is a difficult lesson, but along the journey and through the loss of people close to me. My father in law, Peter. My friend, Jim. And my grandmother who I count myself lucky enough to still have after an amazing four bouts of cancer.

Cancer – it just makes you cut through and realise what’s important – and everything else falls by the way side. And of course while its sad and you battle a lot, I can see in each of those instances how I have received a gift – an opportunity to live my life with a true passion and have the choice to make decisions to create the life for myself that I want to live, and to be the best person I can be. And let’s not make this just about getting sick and dying, it’s about difficult times and circumstances, or even those that are not necessarily happening but perceived, or live in our fears – there are moments in life where we have two choices: to let something define us or hold us hostage, or where we can just breathe into and see what else it brings with it. But we can forget that we have that choice.

I know I’m not the only one to have had these experiences – if you’re anything like me, sometimes life can get in the way; you can get too busy. You can’t find 22 mins out of your day to watch a YouTube clip because you feel you can’t find a moment to even scratch yourself. You miss lunches or family events or birthday parties because you’re too busy or you simply sometimes fall in a heap from being run down and sick from the stress of it all. Sometimes its not even something that’s happening to you in real time, but just the thought of the possibility that strikes you down.

But that is exactly why I felt it was important to share this. Working smarter, not harder and being able to enjoy life is, I’m sure all anyone wants – to work to live, not live to work. As small businesses, entrepreneurs or just an individuals, it’s important to take stock – to remember the richness we already have at our finger tips and to share that wealth with others today.

Here is another very real call to action I found today:

Watching this on my iPhone, on a peak hour train from South Yarra station, on my way from my job to my warm, cosy home which I share with my partner reminded me just how lucky I am. And just how miserable we can make ourselves be.

To have two such important messages come to me in a single day prompted me to do just one thing: to remember to be kind and let my heart, not a diary/boss/finances decide what is truly important for me. Even just for the next little while.

Stay happy friends, we have so much to be thankful for x

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