Key tips for starting out

I believe in sharing

and giving away knowledge.


It helps everyone become better, and if everyone is better then we have the chance to become great!
Small business, entrepreneur – everyone starts somewhere – so if we can give each other a leg up, I think we should.
So these are interesting, inspiring, motivating and important things I’ve come across and want to share with you.


Warren Buffett shares his most essential advice Read more

When someone you can admire (like them or not) dispenses advice, I say take it. And despite what the article’s title will have you believe, this isn’t just for Gen Y’s, it’s for anyone who wants to be better. My favourite? Point 8 – read read and read, see below:

8. Learn everything you can about your industry. Buffett says he reads for six hours every day because he believes that growing your intellectual capacity will help you solve problems more effectively.

“I knew a lot about what I did when I was 20. I had read a lot,

and I aspired to learn everything I could about the subject.”

One of the things that great people in business (and life) are always quoted to say is that they read – a lot. It can’t be a coincidence.


Why you need to get out of that cubicle Read more

‘Get out of your cubicle before you waste your life’: if those words weren’t motivation enough the rest of the article will be!
Sometimes we just need a reminder to say that we are on the right path…

“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness.

It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”


Brand consistency Read more

You are your brand so its important to understand how to put your best foot forward – every time you interact in this big wide world of ours. Spend time getting your head around it – start with this article – and remember I’m always happy to help.

Hot Tip: Join groups on LinkedIn, such as Forbes Entrepreneurs and others who you are inspired by. You will get forwarded information and articles that can inspire, motivate and stimulate your thinking, and even connect you to others who might help you move your business or idea along. What’s good for the big players can be most certainly good for you.


Sifting through great ideas Read more

Is your idea really that great?

A dose of reality and to come out the other side could be the boost of confidence you’re looking for when starting up. Or finding out now, before you’ve invested lots of time and money into an unprofitable idea, could be blessing in disguise.

This article looks at distinguishing the good from the not so great through some simple key questions to ask yourself.


20 Important questions when starting out Read more

20 great questions that any great start up needs to be able to answer. Whether you’re thinking of starting up, are in the middle of getting things off the ground or am running at break neck speed, you should ponder a few of these and focus some time on those where you haven’t (yet!) found your answer.

“What is your value proposition?

If you can’t explain–in three, jargon-free sentences or less–why customers need your product, you do not have a value proposition, and thus, you do not have a business. Period.”

I couldn’t agree more with number one and find that it is one of the biggest confidence shakers too for those who struggle. My antidote: get out and start talking, network and practise saying it over and over and you’ll soon have it down pat.


Self Discipline key to a successful person Read more

I can think of three examples today alone where I could have done with more time/been more disciplined/how I’m sure I won’t ever do that again.

“…you will save ten minutes in execution for every minute that you invest in planning.”

Enough said.


If you have something to share with the Brave New World network or know something that inspires/motivates/is or was important to you and your business or when you started up, comment below or share a link.

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