New Business Cards Offer: A fabulous new you

Update 31/5/13: took less than the delivery time stated and my new cards are perfect! So happy! Use the code for ten percent off – well worth it!

Some might argue that they are old and everything is digital now, but there’s something about being able to put something that represents you

and puts your business in the palm of someone’s hand.

Every day we are awash in a sea of too much information – personally sometimes the amount of emails, tweets and feeds that I subscribe too seem all a little overwhelming when I know they are waiting there ready before I’ve even had my toast. That’s when giving a network contact the opportunity to rediscover you, on their own terms, can be a great thing. Business cards present that very opportunity.

I think it’s important to share tools with other small businesses and am about sharing the love so here goes: I stumbled upon this great little company called Moo who print incredible business cards (check them out here: moo.com). They make high quality, interesting and inexpensive (read not necessarily cheap looking) business cards and I’ve found them to become quite the talking item when networking. I just placed my second order (my first was in February this year so that gives you an indication of how neat they are!) and they gave me a discount code to share. So I’m sharing with you, no strings:


Copy and paste the url above or click here and I believe the deal is you will receive 10% off your order if you’ve never used them before. No scam, I just got a code off someone when I first placed my order and it knocked off some of the price, which is helpful when you are a new start up, small business or just want to have a saavy card to give someone. Branding is everything so here’s something to make it all a little bit easier.

Enjoy, I’ll update with a pic of mine when I get my new ones!

If you use a a great little company that other small businesses could support, please share here, comment or post to our facebook page!

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