The reason you do what you do

Absolutely everyone has a reason they do what they do.

Even if you can’t verbalise it, place your finger on it or admit it – there’s something intrinsic that makes your every action important and part of a bigger whole.

Perhaps it is a goal. Or the people you share your life with? Maybe you do things because of those you have lost; a dream, a promise to yourself or someone else – whatever the reason, it is the ‘x’ equalling your ‘y’.

Harnessing that motivation – exploring it, expressing it or feeling free enough to find out what it is what makes someone successful.

What drives you?
What makes you get out of bed every day?

Perhaps it is the reason you’re so dedicated, why you concentrate all your effort on your task at hand, why you’ll go to great lengths to get something right or why you may never take those steps in the first place. Perhaps it is the reason you do a shitty job you hate – or why you so ruthlessly pursue what it is you seek?

You may be driven by fear or by hope. Embrace it or change it, depending on how it makes you feel. But whatever it is, know it. See it for what it is and all of it’s potential – as a clue to your own self mastery. Because whether you work for yourself or someone else, doing something you love or something hate, knowing the reason you do what you do will define your path to success.

Why do you do what you do? Acknowledge or share your reason below, or how you’ve found your path to success.

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