What I do

I sit down with people and I listen to what it is that they want,

then I go away and create it.

What can I do

for your business?

  • Build a unique website for your business
  • Integrate it with your marketing and social media
  • Teach you to manage it, saving you money in future
  • Help with business development ideas and support
  • Give you incredible customer support to make you confident
  • Plus much more – the sky really is the limit!

You have your new website

what then?

Once the fabulous design and creative part is over, and you have your new website – what then? A great service that Brave New World Agency provides is aftercare support and tuition. As well as holding a qualification in assessment and training, I have spent years as a trainer and facilitator working with people all over Australia.

I am passionate about helping people learn and achieve, and am great at putting things in a way that will make sense to you.

What I won’t do is hold your website hostage.

I’ve helped too many clients after a disgruntled web designer has decided that they own your website, not you – locking you out, not making changes you request – or only doing them after an exorbitant fee! – or just simply, disappearing.

Putting the power

back in your hands

I will sit with you or your staff and teach you how to navigate your own site. With access to the Brave New World Agency help section, you can have round the clock support until you feel confident in making changes yourself – saving you money in the long run.

Plus, for every project I work on I include two free support lines, where you can access up to two hours of support by email or phone – perfect for those times when you need something fixed quickly!

I believe it’s important for people to be in control of their own destiny

and if I can help you and your business in anyway, I’d love to.

What can I do for your business?