Who Am I

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“Hi, I’m Jodi.

As your Creative Agent,

I’ll walk you through

every step of the way.”

How I started

I started Brave New World Agency as a way to support the little guy: start ups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, people with great ideas who might not be there (yet!) or businesses that needed a fresh look and to get themselves online.

I used to freelance in film and photography so I know that trying to manage being your own boss, deal with clients and put your business online – and look professional – can be tricky. And that getting help from big companies can mean one-size-fits-all service, can cost a lot and without much return. I spent hours and hours learning how to market myself and set up my business and wasted just as much time making mistakes while wishing there was somewhere or someone who could give me some pointers, based on my business and what I needed.

I played around with a few blogs for fun but then got really interested and seriously began teaching myself to code and design websites. WordPress is an incredible tool that continues to be developed everyday, which is why a lot of big companies use it.

Finishing up my film and digital media degree, I was trying to figure out how to pull all my talents together: media, production, organisation, training and facilitation, creativity, events, marketing and business development. And that’s how Brave New World Agency was born.

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What do I actually do?

I sit down with people, listen to what it is that they want, then I go away and create it.

I love media, marketing and all stuff online – I’m a bit of a geek like that. So instead of people wasting their precious time messing around trying to get things up and running, they just come to me and I get it done.

I love nothing more than helping people, and after ten years of youth work and as a trainer, I’ve adapted my skills to apply to business. So, if my clients want to save money and learn how to manage their site, I use my skills in organisation and training to teach them or their staff how to manage their own site, how to market themselves and/or use their new technology – whatever suits them best. My aim is to make getting their business online an easy journey and one where they are in control.

I take pride in creating an environment where people can ask any questions they have, get information tailored to their business and receive support or training to learn to manage your online business themselves. I believe it’s important for people to be in control of their own destiny and if I can help in anyway, I love to.

My philosophy

I believe it takes courage to be a start up, entrepreneur, new or existing businesses today – it’s a risk not everyone is willing to take.

I’m passionate about doing whatever I can to help others become successful. What’s in it for me? When you’re successful, I’m successful. It’s that simple – no tricks involved. No project is too small, no question too silly. This isn’t about charging you a fortune for not a lot or creating work for myself through your business.

I’m serious about getting you and your business online and on your way to greatness. Contact me to find out how Brave New World agency could help you and your business succeed online.